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A Gun Trust Can Overcome Many Problems to Obtaining and possessing NFA Weapons.

Several years ago one of my clients was trying to obtain a CLEO sign off to purchase a machine gun in San Antonio, Texas.

“This decorated Vietnam veteran wanted to purchase a 9mm sub machine gun with integral suppressor. He contacted the Bexar County Sheriff to see if he would sign off on the required Form 4 transfer form. The response was a resounding no. The Sheriff no longer signs off on such documents. The veteran was referred to Marty Seidler by his stockbroker to prepare an NFA gun trust. Marty drafted the trust and the veteran was able to acquire the sub machine gun in the name of the trust without the need for the Sheriff’s approval. His trust is now the proud owner of a suppressed 9mm sub machine gun, whose use, he and his trust beneficiaries, can also enjoy.” Athough the law has now changed has of July 13, 2016, the government “red tape” continues.

If you enjoy shooting machine guns, using silencers or other class 3 firearms or you are looking to own one, do not be discouraged by red tape or government resistance to deny you of your legal rights. I create a legal entity called a Gun Trust that overcome the hassles, limitations, and out right denial of individual class 3 ownership.

I recommend a Gun Trust rather than individual ownership for NFA firearms for the following reasons:

Estate Planning Tool – An NFA Trust is intended to survive the death of the Grantor and provides for the disposition of the Trust’s assets long after the Grantor’s death. It may provide for the disposition of the Trust’s assets significantly different from a Grantor’s will.
Fingerprint Cards Required – The ATF requires two sets of (FBI style) fingerprint cards for each responsible party in a trust making purchases of NFA items only once every 24th months from the date of the last NFA form submission. Individuals are required to submit them with every transfer.
Photographs Required – The ATF requires two photographs for each responsible party in a trust making purchases of NFA items only once every 24th months from the date of the last NFA form submission. Individuals are required to submit them with every transfer.
Continuity of Ownership – Since a gun trust can last several generations the property in the trust (ie class 3 machine guns, suppressors, short barreled rifles, flamethrowers, etc.) remains in a single entity (gun trust) without the necessity to transfer each item upon the death of a single trustee or beneficiary, where several are named.
Continuity, Breadth and Mutuality of Possession – A properly drafted gun trust can allow various persons to possess and use NFA Class 3 weapons owned by the trust with the presence of the Grantor. Several trustees with authority to possess the trust’s NFA Class 3 weapons can be designated. ATF regulations for individuals limit the possession of NFA Class 3 weapons to the registered owner only. Gun trusts can be drafted to allow various persons to use the trust’s NFA weapons over the years without the need to transfer them upon the death or incapacity of a trustee or beneficiary of the trust. Family members or friends can be designated as authorized “users” of trust Class 3 weapons. Nevertheless, when the trust terminates, its property must be distributed to the beneficiaries and a transfer tax paid on each NFA item.
Confidentiality – When a gun trust purchases a Class 3 weapon, it must submit a copy of the trust to the ATF with the Form 4. The NFA gun trust is otherwise confidential. It is not filed of record and, other than NFA weapons purchased by the trust which must be registered with the ATF, its assets are confidential and need not be otherwise disclosed. The Trust and it assets will survive the Grantor’s death and provides for an ultimate distribution outside of and not governed by the Grantor’s will.


Enjoy Class 3 ownership by simplifying the transfer process. Act now, and become a Class 3 owner. Martin Seidler understands the needs of firearms owners. He represents many machine gun dealers and gun owners throughout the State of Texas. With over thirty years of legal experience in the Texas state and federal courts, Martin Seidler knows your rights. As an avid firearms enthusiast and a strong advocate of firearm rights, he created the gun trust that many people use today. Each of his customers receives a customized trust in compliance with Texas and federal laws. Do not wait any longer. If you want to become a class 3 owner now, let Martin Seidler help you get started today. Click the button below to order your NFA Gun Trust.

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