Gun Trust Owners Enjoy YO Ranch Machinegun Shoot

The famous YO Ranch in Mt. Home, Texas, held its 2010 Annual Machine Gun Shoot May 7, 8 and 9, 2010. Over 33 Class 3 dealers, machine gun enthusiasts and gun trust owners enjoyed three days of good food, comradery and good shooting. Participants enjoyed shooting at pickup trucks, propane canisters, water heaters, various original targets including plenty of Tannerite and other exploding targets. This year, the services of the Kerrville Fire Department were not necessary despite the large number of shooters with belt fed machine guns.

Last year, the dry weather and the extensive use of APIT ammo caused several range fires which were quickly extinguished. Many shooters took advantage of Crockett Keller’s straw hat extravaganza and sported custom straw hats personally fitted by Crockett. He is a regular at many Texas gun shows, easily identifiable by his large brimmed straw hat.

Gun trusts have become increasing popular with Texas Class 3 gun enthusiasts who wish to achieve flexibility in the use and possession of Class 3 weapons in addition to avoiding CLEO signoff problems. A well drafted gun trust by a gun trust lawyer will not only keep NFA weapons “in the family” for generations but can also make such weapons available for use and enjoyment by a broad range of
friends and family members.

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